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History at a glance

Ilseder Hütte AG

The “Actien-Gesellschaft Ilseder Hütte” was founded in Groß Ilsede in the Kingdom of Hanover to exploit the local ore deposits
Ore mining began and the first blast furnace was commissioned 

The company commissioned its first coking plant


Acquisition of the “Aktien-Gesellschaft Peiner Walzwerk” (founded 1872 to convert llseder pig iron into steel and rolled products)

The company became partly self-sufficient in coal with the acquisition of mines

Part of Ilseder Hütte’s ore reserves were forcibly appropriated by the new, state-owned “Reichswerke AG für Erzbergbau und Eisenhütten ‘Hermann Göring’” for the planned smelting plant in Salzgitter (construction began November 1937). Most were handed back after World War II.

From 1941, under wartime conditions, prisoners of war and forced labor were employed to maintain production. After a temporary halt at the end of the War, work gradually resumed from late 1945 onwards.
Ab 1950
Modernization and expansion of equipment and facilities at all plants
Coal mining operations absorbed by Ruhrkohle AG

Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG

The state-owned Salzgitter AG merged its Steel Division comprised mainly of the smelting plant in Salzgitter with Ilseder Hütte as part of an increase in capital and in return acquired a majority stake in Ilseder Hütte, which was renamed Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG

Administration of Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG was centralized in Salzgitter, in the enlarged building housing the offices of group parent company Salzgitter AG

Ore mining ceased
Pig iron production ceased at the Ilsede plant
The previously state-owned Salzgitter AG and thus also its subsidiary Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG were privatized with the sale of the business to Preussag AG

Preussag Stahl AG

Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG was renamed Preussag Stahl AG
Closure of the plant in Ilsede

Salzgitter AG

Preussag Stahl AG was spun off from the Preussag Group as an independent unit that was renamed Salzgitter AG and floated on the stock market
Acquisition of Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG
Introduction of a new Group structure: Salzgitter AG became a management holding company with independent subsidiary operating companies arranged in divisions
Acquisition of a majority interest in Klöckner-Werke AG
Change in the company organization: The manufacturing group companies are assigned to business units. The service companies are either allocated to the business units of their largest clients or managed centrally by executive responsibilities

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