Foundation and expansion (1872 - 1932)


The Actien-Gesellschaft Peiner Walzwerke was founded in Peine to convert pig iron produced by the nearby AG Ilseder Hütte into steel and rolled products


Start of production, initially exclusively puddle and bar iron


First explicit mention of beam rolling in the Aktien-Gesellschaft Peiner Walzwerk annual report


The Actien-Gesellschaft Peiner Walzwerk was acquired by Ilseder Hütte


Commissioning of a Thomas-method steelworks and a new steel rolling mill, followed within a few years by more rolling mills


Commissioning of a Siemens-Martin steelworks


The first broad-flanged beams with parallel flanges were rolled in Peine


In a change of structure the Peiner Walzwerk became an operating division of Ilseder Hütte which in turn moved its headquarters to Peine

National Socialism (1933 - 1945)

From 1941, under wartime conditions, prisoners of war and forced labor were employed to maintain production; after a temporary halt at the end of the War, Ilseder Hütte and the Peine plant were gradually recommissioned from late 1945 onwards

Modernization, growth and cooperation (1946 – 1970)

Ab 1950
Modernization and expansion of the plant facilities
An oxygen steelworks was commissioned and the Thomas-method works shut down
The state-owned Salzgitter AG merged its Steel Division comprised mainly of the iron and steel plant in Salzgitter with Ilseder Hütte as part of an increase in capital and in return acquired a majority stake in Ilseder Hütte which was renamed Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG.

Difficult decades (1971 – 1997)

Administration of Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG was centralized in Salzgitter, in the enlarged building housing the offices of group parent company Salzgitter AG
The previously state-owned Salzgitter AG and thus also its subsidiary Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG were privatized with the sale of the business to Preussag AG
Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG was renamed Preussag Stahl AG
Commissioning of an electric arc furnace in Peine

A new beginning and new development (from 1998)

Preussag Stahl AG was spun off from the Preussag Group as an independent unit that was renamed Salzgitter AG and floated on the stock market
Introduction of a new Group structure: Salzgitter AG became a management holding company with independent subsidiary operating companies arranged in divisions; as part of the process the Peine plant was folded into the newly formed Peiner Träger GmbH