Group Archive

Preserving knowledge for the future

The Salzgitter AG Group Archive is the central source of information on all matters relating to the history of the Salzgitter Group and its subsidiaries and associate companies.

The Archive preserves a fund of knowledge that can be drawn upon to meet current and future needs. The tasks of the Archive include gathering records, publications, photos, films and similar evidence of the development of the Group, cataloging the contents and conserving and evaluating these resources. The Group Archive also supports Salzgitter AG and its Group companies in efficiently managing documentary records, as well as in other technical and historic matters.

The Salzgitter AG Group Archive was established in 2009. Its administration center is in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The Mannesmann Archive which has been in existence for over 70 years is now part of the Salzgitter AG Group Archive. 

The Group Archive is part of Salzgitter AG. Wherever possible, upon written application and acceptance of the terms of use, the extensive collections held by the Archive are also made available to members of scientific institutions for research purposes.

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Group Archive
Mannesmann Archive
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