More than 150 years of combined expertise

The Salzgitter Group - comprising the Steel, Mannesmann, Trading and Technology Business Units - represents a combination of locations, plants and companies that in many cases can look back on a long history of their own.


Strip Steel


Plate/Section Steel







At the Plate/Section Steel Business Unit for example, the oldest location in Ilsenburg can trace its roots back to the 16th Century, while the origins of the plant in Peine date back to the foundation of Ilseder Hütte in the year 1872. By contrast, today’s largest plant in Salzgitter, present Strip Steel Business Unit, is comparatively young: It dates from 1937 when the National Socialist regime established the Reichswerke AG für Erzbergbau und Eisenhütten “Hermann Göring”. Today, Salzgitter is the headquarters of the Group and home to Group administration too.

The origin of the Mannesmann Business Unit is the invention of the world’s first rolling process for the production of seamless tubes by the brothers Reinhard and Max Mannesmann. They invented their process, for which the patent was granted in 1886, in Remscheid, today a production site for Mannesmann’s stainless steel tubes.

The foundation for the Technology Business Unit was laid in 2007 with the acquisition of Klöckner-Werke AG. The company was established by Peter Klöckner in 1923 as a means of amalgamating his steel production businesses dating back to the 19th Century. In recent decades the company has metamorphosed into an international specialist engineering business.

Today, under the leadership of Salzgitter AG, this wealth of tradition and experience gathered over more than 150 years provides the inspiration for a modern, flexible and innovative Steel and Technology Group which well knows how to utilize the combined expertise of its member companies.