Is today’s Salzgitter AG the same as the corporation that existed under this name from 1961 to 1991?

No, today’s Salzgitter AG is the successor to Aktiengesellschaft Ilseder Hütte. It has carried the name since 1998. Read the detailed story - Corporate History.

What became of the former Salzgitter AG?

The former Salzgitter AG was owned by the German Federal Government. It was privatized in 1989 and sold to Preussag AG. As a subsidiary of Preussag, in 1991 Salzgitter AG was transformed into a limited company. Its business activities were either absorbed into the Preussag Group or sold.

What is the Mannesmann seamless tube-making process?

The process known as the Mannesmann process is based on cross-roll piercing which, for decades, was used in combination with pilger rolling. Both rolling techniques were invented by the brothers Reinhard and Max Mannesmann towards the end of the 19th century. read more

What did the Mannesmann Group look like before the Vodafone take-over?

Under the management of Mannesmann AG, Mannesmann was a highly diversified group of companies operating successfully around the globe. It had 130,860 employees* generating sales of some 23,265 million euros* in its Engineering, Automotive, Telecommunications and Tubes sectors. read more

What happened to the Mannesmann Group after the Vodafone take-over?

The Vodafone Group integrated Mannesmann AG and the activities of its Telecommunications sector into its own organisation. The last General Meeting of Mannesmann AG shareholders took place on 22.8.2001. read more