Mannesmann Precision Tubes GmbH

More than 100 years of expertise in precision tubes

In 1885 Reinhard and Max Mannesmann invented their revolutionary process for the manufacture of seamless steel tubes. Since then, the name Mannesmann has been a byword for the highest quality tubes the world over. This is equally true of precision steel tubes which Mannesmann began to produce as early as 1888. At the time there was no uniform product description that defined these tubes with their high dimensional accuracy. The oldest known article in which the word “precision” was used in connection with steel tubes appeared in a journal in 1895. It contained a report on the “Mannesmannröhren-Werke steel precision tubes”. Mannesmann lent its name to the entire product group.

Since then the applications for precision steel tubes along with the production processes and corporate structures have developed and changed significantly. Nevertheless, the expertise of the Mannesmann precision tubes companies and their product quality remain a permanent feature. In 1993 Mannesmann and Krupp-Hoesch founded the jointly owned MHP Mannesmann Hoesch Präzisrohr GmbH based in Hamm into which they folded their precision tubes operations. Mannesmann subsequently became the sole owner in 1997 and in the following year the company was renamed MHP Mannesmann Präzisrohr GmbH

Following the acquisition of Mannesmannröhren-Werke and its subsidiaries by Salzgitter AG in the year 2000, the precision tubes segment was consistently developed with a new international dimension. A milestone came in 2007 with the acquisition of the long-established French precision tubes manufacturer Vallourec Précision Etirage SAS and the Vallourec hot-rolled tube works in Zeithain. In the same year the company for the first time began production of precision steel tubes outside of Europe with the takeover of Bresmex Tuberia in Mexico. Therefore Mannesmann Precision Tubes GmbH with its sites in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Mexico continues to offer most modern technology as well as combined international competence, which was acquired in more than 100 years.