Mannesmann Stainless Tubes GmbH

Pioneer of stainless steel tubes production

Since Reinhard and Max Mannesmann filed the patent application for their process for the manufacture of seamless steel tubes in 1885, the name Mannesmann has been a byword for the highest quality tubes the world over. The name is also closely associated with the history of seamless stainless steel tubes, a story which commenced a quarter century later.

Immediately after stainless steel was first patented in the year 1912, Mannesmann began to experiment with the new material, both hot-rolled and cold-drawn, as input stock for seamless tubes. From 1924 onwards, Mannesmann was for decades not only the leading player, but for a time the only German manufacturer of seamless high-alloy steel tubes.

The stainless steels themselves, as well as the production processes and corporate structures, have since developed and changed significantly. In 1994 the stainless steel divisions of Germany’s Mannesmann Group, the Italian group Dalmine and France’s Vallourec were amalgamated under the name DMV Stainless. In the same year this originally purely European joint venture acquired an international dimension with the integration of the plant in Houston, USA.

In 2001 Mannesmann acquired the Dalmine group’s interest in DMV, followed in 2003 by the shares held by Vallourec. Since then the company has been active as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mannesmann. From 2006 it operated first under the name Mannesmann DMV Stainless, from 2008 under the name Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes and since 2017 as Mannesmann Stainless Tubes.