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 / Corporate history

Corporate history

Am Anfang standen Erz und Roheisen

It all began with ore and pig iron

It was on September 6, 1858 that the Actien-Gesellschaft Ilseder Hütte was founded in the small rural town of Groß Ilsede, in what was then the Kingdom of Hanover. The purpose...

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Ausbau zum Montankonzern

Expansion as a coal and steel group

During the first decades of its existence, Ilseder Hütte concentrated solely on producing pig iron. As the economic advantages of processing the iron locally...

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Nationalsozialismus, Kriegswirtschaft und die Folgen

National Socialism, the wartime economy and its consequences

A seemingly – in legal terms – unconnected event that took place in 1937 was to bring permanent changes for Ilseder Hütte. The National Socialist government founded...

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Ilsede Hochofen 4 nach einem Umbau 1962

Modernization, growth and cooperation

In the 1950s and 1960s the development of Ilseder Hütte was a story of post-War reconstruction, general economic upturn and rising output accompanied by similarly...

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Schwierige Jahrzehnte

Difficult decades

Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG enjoyed a promising start to the 1970s as production, sales and profits all initially increased. However, within a matter of years the...

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Aktie Salzgitter AG 1998

A new beginning and new development

In 1998, the change of name to Salzgitter AG and the stock market flotation started a whole new chapter in the Group’s history which, at this time, could already look back on 140...

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