Twenty years of new Salzgitter AG

On June 2, 1998, Salzgitter AG took the bold step of going public in the face of a great deal of criticism and doubt. In doing so, it opened a completely new chapter in the company's then 140 year history.

Despite the manifold political and economic challenges at the time, the ability of the new company to exist in a state of permanent independence raised doubts on many fronts. We nevertheless took this intrepid step and, in our 1998 Annual Report, made the following statement: 

We are starting from a good basis and will stand our ground, also in the face of a deterioration in the economic environment.

Since seizing the opportunity in 1998 of going down the path of independence, with the support of the then government of Lower Saxony, a great deal has happened: from the acquisition of the Mannesmannröhren-Werke in 2000 and of Klöckner-Werke in 2007, building up a participating investment in Aurubis, Europe’s largest copper producer, during the years of the steel boom right through to the financial market crisis and the structural crisis of Europe’s steel market – in all these years, we have never shied away from the challenges and operate mindfully in this environment but with the necessary self-confidence.

Our corporate strategy geared to the long-term success of the company to the benefit of all its stakeholders has proven its worth, also in the face of more severe upheavals. With our programs of measures implemented since 2012, we have laid the basis for a continued and prosperous future. Today we can ascertain the following, which we did in this year’s 2017 Annual Report:

Twenty years ago there were not many who believed Salzgitter capable of treading this path.

Today there is not a soul who doubts that we have achieved success while equally creating an equally sound basis through our own endeavors, and that we are therefore able to exist in a state of independence.

Share price progression


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Do you know that…?

Do you know that ...

... we are present in 80 different locations in the world and thereof 50 in Germany?

Do you know that ...

... the Salzgitter Group offered more than 24,000 apprenticeships over the past 20 years?

Do you know that ...

... we develop technologies in our SALCOS project that principally will enable us to save up to 95% of the CO2 emissions emissions ?

Do you know that ...

... the sales of Salzgitter AG trebled since the stock listing in 1998?

Do you know that ...

... the Salzgitter site can generate its entire electricity requirement itself from by-product gasses of the production process?

Do you know that ...

... the dividend payment amortized the issuing price of our share within ten years?

Do you know that ...

... the at present most powerful high-temperature electrolysis in the world is operated in Salzgitter and that the produced hydrogen is used in the steelmaking process?

Do you know that ...

... the number of Salzgitter Group employees doubled to 25,000 since the stock listing in 1998?

Do you know that ...

... the daily crude steel production of the Salzgitter and Peine works is the equivalent equivalent to the weight of two Eiffel Towers?

Happy Birthday,
new Salzgitter AG