Mannesmann. Pipes and Tubes - For more than 130 years

The name of Mannesmann has been a byword for the highest quality steel tubes for over a century.
In 1885 the brothers Reinhard and Max Mannesmann filed a patent application for the world’s first rolling process for manufacturing seamless tubes. Their invention revolutionized the piping, engineering and vehicle construction industries. At the end of the 1890s Mannesmann also began production of welded steel tubes.

Since 2000, the Mannesmann brand and the Mannesmann Tube Companies have been part of Salzgitter AG.

Mannesmann-History since 1885

Reinhard and Max Mannesmann

It began with a revolutionary invention

At the beginning of Mannesmann‘s history stood a technological breakthrough: Reinhard and Max Mannesmann invented the first rolling process for the production of...

Mannesmann products in Egypt, before 1912

Ever international

From the very beginning Mannesmann products were manufactured at several locations in Germany and abroad and distributed worldwide. The tube works...

Tapping the furnace at the Huckingen works

From a tube manufacturer to a coal and steel conglomerate

Mannesmann initially remained purely a processor of steel and was therefore dependent on supplies of input stock from other companies. At the start of the 20th...

Mannesmann Rexroth hydraulic plant

A pioneer in diversification

In 1969 Mannesmann’s coal mining operations were folded into Ruhrkohle AG. Later in 1970 Mannesmann reached a specialization agreement with Thyssen...

Newspaper advertisement spring 2000

An end and a new beginning

At the start of the year 2000, however, the British telecommunications company Vodafone secured a majority interest in Mannesmann, putting an end to the...

Trade fair stand at Tube 2010

The tubes story continues

As part of Salzgitter Group both tubes production and Mannesmann companies develop continuously. They still offer a wide rage of high quality pipes and tubes...