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 /  / What happened to the Mannesmann Group after the Vodafone take-over?

What happened to the Mannesmann Group after the Vodafone take-over?

The Vodafone Group integrated Mannesmann AG and the activities of its Telecommunications sector into its own organisation. The last General Meeting of Mannesmann AG shareholders took place on 22.8.2001. One of the resolutions adopted by the General Meeting was to rename Mannesmann AG Vodafone AG. All the international telecommunication activities in the fixed-network sector as well as the British mobile network operator Orange Plc were sold.

The Engineering and Automotive sectors, which Mannesmann AG had merged into Atecs Mannesmann AG in preparation for IPO, were sold by Vodafone to Siemens AG in April 2001. Siemens integrated part of the activities of Atecs Mannesmann AG into the Siemens Group, while the others were restructured and/or sold, for instance Mannesmann Sachs to ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Mannesmann Rexroth to Robert Bosch GmbH.

As a core business within this Group the Mannesmann pipe and tubes and the Mannesmann brand lives on.  Website of Mannesmann

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