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Production plant Ilsenburg

Ilsenburg can trace its origins back to the year 1595. After several centuries in which production was concentrated on copper products, plate rolling began in Ilsenburg in 1948.

The plant has been part of today’s Salzgitter Group since 1992, since 2001 as a subsidiary of Tochtergesellschaft Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH.

Origins and development of copper working (1595-1945)

Old firebox workshop, around 1885
Old firebox workshop, around 1885
Administration building, 1917
Administration building, 1917
The Ilsenburger Kupferhammer forge was established to manufacture copper sheet, bowls and kettles
Formation of the Kupferhammerbetriebsgesellschaft Halberstadt auf Aktien
Commissioning of a water-powered copper and lead rolling mill
Commissioning of the first refinery furnace, after which the plant was expanded with the addition of further rolling mills
The Kupferhammerbetriebsgesellschaft was wound up and the business continued as Kupferwerk Ilsenburg
Merger with Messingwerke Eberswalde to form Hirsch Kupfer- und Messingwerke AG with head offices in Berlin; plant facilities were further expanded
Commissioning of new production plant, making Ilsenburg one of the most modern copper works in Europe
Hirsch Kupfer- und Messingwerke AG was split up, with Ilsenburg absorbed into the newly formed Berlin-Ilsenburger Metallwerke AG
Formation of Kupferwerk Ilsenburg AG
Reclamation of copper from scrap, manufacture of steel fireboxes, first experimental steel rolling trials

From a "Volkseigener Betrieb" to a "GmbH" (1945-1991)

Commissioning the new two-high rolling mill, 1954
Commissioning the new two-high rolling mill, 1954
The Kupferwerk AG was appropriated by the East German state and integrated into Industriewerke Sachsen-Anhalt
Formation of the state-owned enterprise VEB Kupfer- und Blechwalzwerk Ilsenburg; steel plate rolling became part of the regular production program and the rolling mills were expanded
Commissioning of a new two-high plate rolling mill with an annual design capacity of 276,000 t as well as a double pusher furnace
Ilsenburg was attached to the VEB Stahl- und Walzwerk Brandenburg, becoming a satellite branch from 1969
Copper business transferred to the VEB Mansfeld-Kombinat Eisleben
Formation of the limited company Walzwerk Ilsenburg GmbH

Under the umbrella of the Salzgitter Group (from 1992)

Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH works, 2007
Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH works, 2007
Privatization and acquisition of Walzwerk Ilsenburg GmbH by Preussag Stahl AG
Walzwerk Ilsenburg GmbH absorbed into Preussag Stahl AG to form the Plate Division
Preussag Stahl AG was spun off from the Preussag Group as an independent unit that was renamed Salzgitter AG and floated on the stock market
Plate business spun off with the formation of the new subsidiary Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH
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