The Salzgitter Group: An exciting and eventful history

The Salzgitter Group and its management company Salzgitter AG are the corporate descendants of the Ilseder Hütte Corporation founded in 1858.

Ilseder Hütte, which was headquartered in Lower Saxony, was one of Germany's oldest established steel companies. In 1970 the business merged with the Steel Division of the then state-owned Salzgitter Group to form Stahlwerke Peine-Salzgitter AG. The new joint enterprise in turn became part of the Salzgitter Group which, following privatization in 1989/90, was absorbed into the Preussag Group. In 1992 the steel business was renamed Preussag Stahl AG.

Subsequently, in 1998, Preussag Stahl AG was spun off from the Preussag Group and gained its independence. The change of name to Salzgitter AG and the stock market flotation in the same year marked the emergence of a new Group that was young in years but endowed with a great tradition.

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